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Some time ago I went to a funeral of an aunt, and as usual with large families met a lot of relatives who had not seen for a long time. Then, of course, there are several wives and husbands of relatives and family friends. in this particular funeral I had with Phil, teenburg my husband went, and after the actual funeral, we returned to the home of the aunt of the wake. Since this seems to be normal again almost a social event, while remembering the true purpose of the day. Phil and I had to make up much of the relatives of news talk, then went one way and I was alone. After a while I got a couple of speeches and discovered to have a second cousin lost long ago and her husband, and although interesting, seemed a bit rough and ready, if you understand what my speech. Gary was the man with a vast repertoire of jokes and one or two were quite rude, so Paula, his wife told him to remember where he was. was muchdrinks, and I have three or four glasses of white wine, as I was in a cheerful mood and thinking of having heard some of the more naughty jokes Gary. when Paula went to the bathroom I asked Gary what others had to tell jokes, and he took me gently to the side of some respectable family, where he went to some really rough, leading to a time to say teenburg drew disapproving looks as I laughed out loud. Although NA was a bit rough and ready, I was Gary 's attention has been paid to me, and teenburg enjoy their warm company. Besides delivering a compliment or two about me, I've seen a few times, waving his arms over a story that he used teenburg my body with his hands and one or two of these only touched my breasts brush stress so almost before I knew I could feel my nipples protrude. I saw Gary falling eyes, my breasts and I knew that he discovered this too, though of course I was with a black dress. said Garand that hot and I had to go to the bathroom, so he went to look for. The house was quite large and eventually led to a drop in the third floor above. Then, when I opened the bathroom door, teenburg back down, I came face to face with the face of Gary. 'What are you doing here ? ' I asked, laughing unstable. ' Oh, wait,' he replied, ' Not many people know we seem to have this toilet, lets you enter and close the door! ' ' You're naked,' I told him what I carried inland. closed teenburg the door, and then put his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Of course, I do not care, and soon our tongues explore each other's mouth. Then his hands began roaming over my body and I felt how I reacted. ' fast,' I turn around, 'unzip her dress. ' pulled the zipper on the lower back and then I helped my dress at the waist. I was naked except for my bra, which was resolved promptly escape, my breasts. then haslowered his head and started sucking my nipples. suddenly shook the handle of the bathroom door and jumped out. 'Who 's there?' Cried a voice. ' Yes,' Gary replied, 'I am sick, prefers to use the other to the bathroom. ' ' Sorry,' came the reply from the outside, and heard footsteps. teenburg We looked at each other and Gary returns to suck my breasts, which sent a tingling sensation in my crotch. that really inspire me and I knew I wanted it inside teenburg me. I got there around my waist and moved my dress and my waist slip on my hips and my thighs, and then left them Gary stood up and looked, and quickly hand and pulled my underwear after the bottom. now she was naked. Gary had unzipped his fly and took off his pants and when I reached out and grabbed his penis teenburg almost erect. I quickly knelt before him and did something he had never teenburg done before, not even with my husband when I opened my mouth and my lips slid over his penis and tried to mysel throatf in the flesh. Gary began to rock her hips, moving his penis in and out of my mouth. But I still wanted me, so I took off my face and lifts, squats between his legs and brought him to me as I leaned against the tiled wall. It felt great, but just when he felt his climax is approaching stopped him. So I did and took his penis in my hand I come to my stomach. We were what seemed an eternity, dressed quickly. Gary opened the door and went out and told me it was all clear. I teenburg gave him a short time, then went down again. Phil was in the room when I entered. ' Look, I've looked everywhere, are you okay ? ' I told him that was good and he just sits quietly in the toilet. Shortly after we're ready to go to Paula and Gary parted me his phone number and asked us to see it soon. as we drove home, I told Phil that being in contact, notthat. I'm sure I'll call you soon.
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